The Works

  1. Bullet2008 Signal to Noise, Diamanda Galas, NYC

  2. Bullet2007 Chief Learning Officer Magazine, October Cover, Kathryn Kaplan, Ph.D., Brooklyn, NY

  3. Bullet2007 Signal to Noise Magazine, Joe Giardulo, NYC

  4. Bullet2007 Page McConnell, The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza, NYC

  5. Bullet2007 Aged Inventory-HGI Foundation Refi Rock/Battle of the MBS Bands, Knitting Factory, NYC

  6. Bullet2007 Aged Inventory, B.B. King's, NYC

  7. Bullet2007 Signal to Noise Magazine, Spring Cover. Jarboe, Atlanta, GA. Cedric, NYC

  8. Bullet2006 Sandy Burton Sculptures, NYC

  9. Bullet2006 Signal to Noise Magazine, Winter Issue. PSI

  10. Bullet2006 Mary Shops, NYC

  11. Bullet2006 Helen Marien, The Store. NYC

  12. Bullet2006 Trey Anastasio, Fall Tour

  13. Bullet2006 Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon and the Benevento/Russo Duo, Jones Beach, NY

  14. Bullet2006 Crew. Nashville, TN.

  15. Bullet2006 Amanda and Steve. Nashville, TN.

  16. Bullet2005 Trey Anastasio Band. Chicago, IL.

  17. Bullet2005 Signal to Noise Magazine, Winter Issue Cover. Dirty Three

  18. Bullet2005 Signal to Noise Magazine, Winter Issue. Burnt Sugar

  19. Bullet2005 Trey Anastasio Band. Chicago, IL.

  20. Bullet2005 Signal to Noise Magazine, Summer Issue. Rob Mazurek: Building Higher Buildings

  21. Bullet2005 IEP Record Group Johnny Rogers, Chicago, IL

  22. Bullet2005 Roger Beck Photography Chicago, IL

  23. Bullet2005 Trey Anastasio Band Cincinnati, Ohio. Milwaukee, WI. Chicago, IL.

  24. Bullet2004 The Physician Executive Magazine, Jack McConnell, MD

  25. Bullet2004 Austin City Limits Festival, Trey Anastasio Band Austin, Texas

  26. Bullet2004 Phish, From The Road, FINAL Tour

  27. Bullet2004 Phish, From The Road, June Tour

  28. Bullet2004 Signal to Noise Magazine, Summer Issue. Pete Cosey: Time on His Side

  29. Bullet2004 Signal to Noise Magazine, Spring Issue. El-P: Abrasive Beats

  30. Bullet2003 Phish, From The Road, New Years Run

  31. Bullet2003 Phish, From The Road, November/ December Tour

  32. Bullet2003 Blue Man Group, Las Vegas, NV

  33. Bullet2003 Salcantay to Machu Picchu, Peru

  34. Bullet2003 South Shore Movement, NYC

  35. Bullet2003 Phish, From The Road, Summer Tour

  36. Bullet2002 PBA Pepsi Open, Springfield, PA

  37. Bullet2002 Professional Bowling Association, Springfield, PA

  38. Bullet2001-02 Atlantic City Casinos, Atlantic City, NJ

  39. Bullet2001 El Dia De Los Muertos, Oaxaca, Mexico

  40. Bullet2001 Tourists, Belgium, France, Spain

  41. Bullet2000 Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash, Nepal and Tibet

  42. Bullet1999 City Life, Havana, Cuba

  43. Bullet1997-01 Kitch Motels, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Colorado, California

  44. Bullet1996 Rural Life, Indonesia, Thailand

  45. Bullet1990-95 Grateful Dead Fans, United States

  46. Bullet

  47. BulletPublications

  48. BulletSignal To Noise Magazine

  49. BulletUnderRated Magazine (issue 3)

  50. BulletThe Physician Executive Magazine

  51. BulletThe Sacred Heart Spectrum

  52. BulletchicagoINNERVIEW

  53. Bulletisland packet






  59. BulletJam Base 1/2


  61. Bullet

  62. BulletClients

  63. BulletCapitol Records

  64. BulletIEP Record Group

  65. BulletSeven Below Productions

  66. BulletSignal To Noise Magazine

  67. BulletPhish

  68. BulletTrey Anastasio

  69. BulletVida Blue

  70. BulletWaterWheel Foundation

  71. BulletDionysian Productions

  72. BulletSouth Shore Movement

  73. BulletLinnfield Capitol Corp.

  74. BulletProfessional Bowling Association

  75. BulletESPN

  76. Bullet

  77. BulletEducation

  78. Bullet2002 BFA in Photography - Deans List.  The Art Institute of Boston at Leslie College

  79. Bullet2005 Studio Lighting, Portrait Posing Workshop. Roger Beck Photography

  80. Bullet2003 New York Unseen.  International Center of Photography, NYC

  81. Bullet

  82. BulletWorkshops

  83. Bullet2001 Rights and Rituals, Day of the Dead Oaxaca, Mexico

  84. Bullet1999 20x24 Polaroid workshop Calumet Photographic San Francisco, CA

  85. Bullet1999 Cuban Art Exchange. San Francisco Art Institute and Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, Cuba

  86. Bullet

  87. BulletSolo & Group Exhibits

  88. Bullet2006 Brooklyn Waterfront Artist's Coalition. Brooklyn, NY

  89. Bullet2002 Forsyth Street Loft. NYC

  90. Bullet2002 The Art Institute of Boston. Boston, MA

  91. Bullet1999 San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA

  92. Bullet1999 The Art Institute. Havana, Cuba

  93. Bullet1998 The Art Institute of Boston. Boston, MA

  94. Bullet1998 Fuel Cafe. Boston, MA

  95. Bullet

  96. BulletAwards

  97. Bullet2004 Smithsonian Magazine Photography Contest Finalist

  98. Bullet2003 Nikon/Crunch Photography Contest

  99. Bullet1992 Boston Globe Portfolio Award

  100. Bullet1992 Scholastic Art and Writing Award

  101. Bullet

  102. BulletPermanent Collections

  103. BulletMuseum of Fine Arts Boston, MA

  104. BulletArt Institute of Boston Boston, MA

  105. BulletBoston Public Library Boston, MA

  106. BulletLinnfield Capital Corporation Atlanta, GA

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